Maintenance Services

GVMS is proud of its level of service and commitment to quality. In addition to pleasing our customer we also strive to please our work force by providing additional benefits and attract skilled craftsmen.

GVMS primary objective is to provide the highest quality of services that assures conformance with recognized standards and specifications of an engineering design and State and Federal Laws. Established Quality Assurance and Quality Control programs are the basis for providing materials, components and workmanship that meet client job specifications. GVMS- QA/QC program assures required examinations and tests and provide record for verification and future reference. Regardless of the parameters of a job, GVMS's responsibility, for a quality installation is undiminished.

At the outset of a project, GVMS submits project specific quality-control manuals for review and acceptance by the client. The manuals and procedure correlate to bid documents, related code and industrial standards.

Maintenance specialties include:

  • Operate and maintain mechanical/electrical facilities
  • Process repairs an stream and special construction projects
  • Supplemental maintain work
  • Plant turnarounds
  • Contract Labor

Maintenance & Repair Programs

  • Riggers & Fire Watch
  • Filter Replacement & Welding
  • Electrical & Cable
  • Instrumentation
  • Walkway & Grading
  • Door Replacement

Instrument & Electrical specialties include:

  • Field Instrumentation installation
  • Complete process analyzing capabilities from fabrication to installation
  • Panel construction that includes I/O & Marshaling, Junction Boxes, Switch Gear, & DCS Enclosures
  • Capital Project experience and plant shutdowns
  • Utilize advanced field and bench calibration techniques
  • Perform loop integrity and check-out
  • Emergency response support
  • DCS conversion services
  • Service high/medium voltage power distribution systems
  • Plant-wide conversion and control room consolidation services
  • Fiber Optic cable installation and splicing
  • Experienced personnel including superintendents and skilled craftsmen
  • Comprehensive safety and quality control programs and procedures
  • Craftsmen participate in craft training and skills upgrade programs
  • Adherence to all USCG, ABS, IMO, and NEC standards
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